Mike Marron Announces Reelection for State Rep.

Danville, IL… State Rep. Mike Marron (R-Fithian) announced today his candidacy for reelection to the 104th District.  Marron touted his current and previous support from both business and labor interests in his decision to run for reelection. Marron claims Illinois needs more consensus builders in a time where our country is facing unprecedented division.    

“It is a dream come true to serve the people of Vermilion and Champaign County in Springfield,” said Marron. “I am very humbled they have elected me twice to serve their interests. Unfortunately, the way things work in Springfield, elected representatives arrive with an agenda to breed division and fight good policy.”

Marron highlighted his past labor endorsements as well as endorsements from state and local large business organizations, and small business organizations. Marron says this is evidence that he approaches his work in Springfield as a consensus builder, not a divider. Last cycle, Marron was endorsed by the Illinois Education Association, Local 150, Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Small Businesses, and Champaign County’s Business Empowered PAC.

“In these times where people just can’t seem to agree on anything, we need more leaders in Springfield willing to roll their sleeves up and do the work that needs to get done,” said Marron. “I pride myself in taking every phone call and having every hard conversation to bring consensus on tough issues that benefit all people in Illinois.”

Marron stressed that although he is a consensus builder, he will not back down when it comes to fighting for the conservative values of central Illinois. Marron states his pro-life values and support for the 2nd Amendment are issues worth fighting for.

“Too often, politicians in Springfield are fighting when they should be compromising and compromising when they should be fighting,” said Marron. “I am very proud of the bipartisan work I have done, particularly when it has led to improved infrastructure and more jobs in my district. But there are things we must fight to protect. Democrats in Springfield just ended all family discussions when it comes to abortion and now they want to track every piece of ammunition law-abiding gun owners purchase. I will continue to fight these unAmerican proposals.”


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